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All miniatures or samples are organized under the name of the designer.

- For example Christian Dior you can find under the tab "C - D".

- Thierry Mugler you can find under the tab "M - N".

- Chanel under the tab 'C - D'.

All the miniatures on my website are 100 % original and if it has a box then it is the original box.

I do exchange perfume items for specific items I collect such as :

1. Christian Dior miniatures

2. Everything from Thierry Mugler such as miniatures, jewels, samples, …

3. Everything from the serie Million from Paco Rabanne

4. Guerlain miniatures

4. Everything from the perfume Scandal from Jean Paul Gaultier, miniatures, samples, jewelry …

5. Nina Ricci miniatures

6. Chanel miniatures

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will answer your questions as soon as possible in English, Français and Nederlands !

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