GREAT SALE from 1 first week of juli !!!!!

In the first week of juli a lot of miniatures will be on sale for 5,00 or 6,00 euro a piece !!!
Please do look because it will be well worth it !!!


A lot of special editions of Jean Paul Gaultier have been added on the website.

Added brandnew miniatures

Miniatures added.

Added brandnew miniatures

I have added brand-new miniatures such as Alien man de Mugler, Passiflora from Guerlain, Si passion from Armani, Coco mademoiselle intense ……

NEW Miniatures added

I have added new miniatures such as Daisy Love from Marc Jacobs and Wanted from Azarro.

Miniatures added

I have added many miniatures.

Miniatures added

I have added many miniatures and also some sets from Gaultier en one of Thierry Mugler.

A lot of new samples added

I have added a lo of new samples. Check it out !

21 different waxmelts added

21 different waxmelts based upon designer perfumes added.In the future there will be more.

New miniature added

The new miniature Poison Girl Unexpected has been added.