Update Sale page

Added miniatures from N 293 till N 610 on sale page.

Update Sale page

More then 100 miniatures added on sale page.
If you are a beginner collector this sale is great for you.
For as little as 1,00 euro I have much miniatures for your collection.
Take a look !

Update Sale page

More then 100 miniatures added to Sale page.

Update new items

There are new miniatures and new samples !

Update Sale page

Many miniatures on sale. Added Sale page.

Update Yves Rocher miniatures

Yves Rocher miniatures are added.

Update cards and ribbons

I have updated cards and ribbons.

New website !

Hello everyone !

After more then 10 years I have built a new website
😍.On this page you will find updates about new items, added items etc.

If you have any question or even suggestion you can send me a message through the contact form.

Beginning 2018 there will be a lot of perfumes on sale on the sale page. I will keep you updated on this page.

All the miniatures of Yves Rocher are still missing but will be updated as soon as possible .

Have fun discovering the new website !!!