Added miniatures

A whole lot of new miniatures were added !!!!

Added brandnew miniatures

I have added some new miniatures and also special editions from Lempicka.

Added brandnew miniatures

Miniatures added.

NEW Miniatures added

I have added new miniatures such as Daisy Love from Marc Jacobs and Wanted from Azarro.

Miniatures added

I have added many miniatures.

A lot of new samples added

I have added a lot of new samples. Check it out !

New miniature added

The new miniature Poison Girl Unexpected has been added.


More cards with liquatouch have been added, few samples.

Update Sale page

Added miniatures from N 293 till N 610 on sale page.

Update Sale page

More then 100 miniatures added on sale page.
If you are a beginner collector this sale is great for you.
For as little as 1,00 euro I have much miniatures for your collection.
Take a look !

Update Sale page

More then 100 miniatures added to Sale page.

Update new items

There are new miniatures and new samples !

Update Sale page

Many miniatures on sale. Added Sale page.

Update cards and ribbons

I have updated cards and ribbons.