GREAT SALE from 1 first week of july !!!!!

In the first week of july a lot of miniatures will be on sale from 3,00 euro, 5,00 or 6,00 euro a piece !!!
Please do look because it will be well worth it !!!


A lot of special editions of Jean Paul Gaultier have been added on the website.

Added brandnew miniatures

Miniatures added.

Added brandnew miniatures

I have added brand-new miniatures such as Alien man de Mugler, Passiflora from Guerlain, Si passion from Armani, Coco mademoiselle intense ……

NEW Miniatures added

I have added new miniatures such as Daisy Love from Marc Jacobs and Wanted from Azarro.

Miniatures added

I have added many miniatures.

Miniatures added

I have added many miniatures and also some sets from Gaultier en one of Thierry Mugler.

A lot of new samples added

I have added a lo of new samples. Check it out !

21 different waxmelts added

21 different waxmelts based upon designer perfumes added.In the future there will be more.

New miniature added

The new miniature Poison Girl Unexpected has been added.


Soon available high quality waxmelts from designer perfume for your oil brander !


More cards with liquatouch have been added, few samples.

Update Sale page

Added miniatures from N 293 till N 610 on sale page.

Update Sale page

More then 100 miniatures added on sale page.
If you are a beginner collector this sale is great for you.
For as little as 1,00 euro I have much miniatures for your collection.
Take a look !

Update Sale page

More then 100 miniatures added to Sale page.

Update new items

There are new miniatures and new samples !

Update Sale page

Many miniatures on sale. Added Sale page.

Update Yves Rocher miniatures

Yves Rocher miniatures are added.

Update cards and ribbons

I have updated cards and ribbons.